Dilley Police Department

Mission Statement
The mission of the Dilley Police Department is to protect life and property, to prevent crime, and preserve the peace in a manner consistent with the freedoms secured by the constitution, always treating people with dignity, fairness, and respect.


Vision Statement
Unsurpassed commitment to protecting individual rights and freedoms while preserving the peace and enforcing the law, providing a safe and harmonious environment for live, visit or work in the City of Dilley. 
Community of Dilley,

I’m honored to have the privilege of serving the community of Dilley as the police chief. I have served in various capacities in Texas law enforcement over the past 24 years, and my education and experience will be an asset to the City of Dilley.

My goal is to respond to the public safety needs of the community to insure the safety and well-being of our citizens. I will strive to improve public relations and increase public confidence in the police department.

Our policing philosophy will balance a foundation of traditional policing concepts with innovative and progressive methods designed to evolve with our City’s future needs. A working partnership between the police department and the citizen is the best way to address policing issues. I encourage community involvement by our police officers with our citizens.

I believe maintaining a high level of professionalism within the police department serves to maintain the quality of public safety citizens deserve. It also fosters collaborative efforts which result in constantly improving community relations.

I encourage you to share with me your ideas and suggestions to improve our police services for the citizens of Dilley. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone with suggestions or comments.

Homer E. Delgado
Chief of Police
City of Dilley