Mission Statement

The Mission of the Dilley Public Library is to promote, coordinate and facilitate communications and resource sharing to provide quality library information and services to all residents in the community and the surrounding area.

Vision Statement

The Vision of the Dilley Public Library is an educated citizenry with open access to information and the love of reading and life-long learning.
Specific Goals of the Dilley Public Library Systems are to:
  1. Improve the collection of the library in quality, quantity and accessibility.
  2. Up-grade and further enhance the level of expertise in providing quality library services.
  3. Stimulate local financial and civic support to public libraries.
  4. Develop library programs to serve the under and non-served residents of the area.
  5. Promote the sharing of human resources skills as well as the information educational and cultural resources.


Norma Herrera
Library Director

Dilley Public Library

Norma Herrera
Library Director
Maria Guana
Maria Gauna
Library Clerk

Monthly Library Reports

To Check out E-Books go to the Lone Star Digital Library.  Click on Dilley Library to have access to E-Books to download on your device to read.

Rules & Regulations For Dilley Public Library during the COVID-19 Pandemic